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Quotes of the Day!

Today I’m having a bit of a sick day, but I’m at work cos I’d rather be here than at home. My head is exploding amongst other things but still, here I sit. I stuck around also cos I thought I was feeling better, but turns out my brain is fuzzy and feels like it’s full of static noise. When I close my eyes (or even blink for that matter I get a faint feeling, as if I’m about to pass out). There’s a slow stupor coming over me and I crave my bed. Not long now. Just an hour before I can leave, maybe two before I get home and crawl into bed for some respite. The cats will attack me for love and cuddles and in that I may just fall asleep; just a little.

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fashionista, diva, textile designer, painter, sculptor, artist extraordinaire. i'm a fascinating whirlwind of rainbow colours and chaos and my life would be empty without words. i love to jabber be it meaningful or just a rant. i love quotes and poetry. here is my blog, which represents a little part of me where I can express myself in my almost truest form.

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