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Quotes of the Day!

Hello world! I’ve been in state of bleurgh for the past month or so… after the nostalgia from the vacation wore off somewhat I got kinda sick and was in feverish delirium and super fatigued. But I’m back. Or trying to be! The internet is sucky these days so it doesn’t let me upload pictures and takes ages for things to load… grr! I distract myself with work and other things. I’m thinking of starting up some stuff to keep myself busy. Maybe a website to sell through or something. Growing up is hard. Life is mad. People change. Expectations change. WE change. What we want changes and what we think we could handle or put up with changes too. But alas, we all have to do it…

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About sher

fashionista, diva, textile designer, painter, sculptor, artist extraordinaire. i'm a fascinating whirlwind of rainbow colours and chaos and my life would be empty without words. i love to jabber be it meaningful or just a rant. i love quotes and poetry. here is my blog, which represents a little part of me where I can express myself in my almost truest form.

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