Quotes of the Day!

Sometimes I feel like I’m not made for this world. As C. S. Lewis said, “If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world…” Nothing could sum my feelings up more perfectly today. I’m not generally a family person. Hell, I’m not a people person. I’m an introvert of the highest order. I like my space and time to be my own. I don’t like to share them with (m)any people. Only m. And the cats. I was feeling a little stifled at home and ever so slightly claustrophobic. So I went on a little trip home to see the family. Generally by day 2 or 3 I’m ready to go back, but this time, it was different. I didn’t want to come back. Since I’ve returned I’ve been blah, like something is missing. I can’t quite put a finger on what it is, but I know that something has changed.



Anddddd I’m back…

Guess who’s back! Yep, me! :D I had a blast and a half in the States. SUCH an amazing vacation; I feel so blessed to have been able to get that time off and away and afford what we did. It started in DC as we sat at the national mall watching the fireworks, moved to Charlottesville for two days and then back to DC for a couple of days of walking around, visiting the Smithsonian museums and chilling in Georgetown. Was great to catch up with mine and talk and romance and steal little kisses here and there. PDA is so lost in a third-world country like my own! We then went to NYC for one night only to go clubbing at Cielo in the meat-packing district. I’d forgotten how much fun that could be – and also how expensive!! With aching feet and a woozy head we drove to Jim Thorpe and spent a day at Pocono Whitewater where we indulged in a “Big Adventure Day” – some 25 miles of biking, 2 miles of hiking and 8 miles of rafting. Amazing! I felt so alive and so impressed with my stamina!! Having checked that off our list of things to do, adventure, we went back to the Big Apple to absorb some more of the sights and sounds. DC & NYC are things I’ve done many times before but wanted to share them with M. He’d lived in DC and wanted to revisit with me. It was nice and somewhat intimate as I took him around NYC and saw his eyes fill with wonder at the big flashing lights in Times Square, a stone’s throw from our hotel. Two days in the city and we were ready to make our way to Orlando, again M had visited as a child, but Disney has been on my bucket list since I was 5. I’m so glad he was there when I finally did it! In six days we swam with dolphins, snorkelled, went to Seaworld and their water park, Aquatica, went to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure and of course visited all the four Disney World parks x) BEST TIME OF MY LIFE! We ended by heading back up to the Poconos to attend my cousin’s wedding where I was a bridesmaid (also something I always wanted to be!)

I’m so grateful to M for taking me and showing me such a good time! I’ve never been happier!

Check out some pictures!

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Random Thoughts of the Day!

I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t had time to blog. Just wrapping things up, fasting, not getting time to nap, visiting people to say goodbyes, last minute shopping, packing etc. And would you believe it, I’m leaving for the airport in less than eight hours, work in four, and I STILL have stuff to do in between! I guess I’m not as organised as I pride myself in being!

Still, I’m excited. So excited, in fact, that it’s hard for me to sit still! In some 30 hours I would have landed at Dulles International Airport and from there on it’s fun fun fun! I’m ecstatic to not only be holidaying with mine, but also for all that awaits us. So many adventures! Here’s one I’m really stoked for: http://www.poconowhitewater.com/specialty-trips-2/big-day-out/

Then of course there’s DISNEY WORLD! x) But it’s also super awesome that we get in on the 4th to see the fireworks. I’ve been reading lately that there’s quite a bit of anti-muslim feelings, which makes me a little sad. But what can I do, I guess the terrorists are giving us a bad name. All I can do, is go out there and represent the good ones so people can see we’re not all whack jobs. It would be nice if people weren’t so quick to judge, stereotype and generalise. Get to know people and respect them for who they are – personality wise, before labelling them based on their religious (or any other) beliefe, nationality etc.

Anyyyyyyywayyyyyy! What I’ll miss most while I’m gone is my catss! They’re being babysat by my grandmother for the next 4 weeks and I’m a tad bit nervous. I can’t imagine what a madhatter I’d be if I ever had to leave my kids (not that I have any at the moment!) Gaaah!

Everyone please pray that I have a safe flight, safe trip and safe return because I’m a very nervous flyer!!!

Here are some pics of my three little munchkins! I’m sure you can tell which one is my favourite :P








Quotes of the Day!

Yay! It’s Friday!!! I’m soooo looking forward to getting some sleep. I don’t know why but I have been absolutely zonked this whole week. Can’t wait to get some down time, though honestly speaking, I have no idea when I’ll get that.






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Quotes of the Day!

So we went on a bit of an adventure yesterday. M’s dream is to be able to FLY. He wishes he was a bird or had the flying superpower. I went ahead and got him a little present/experience: motorised parachuting. It’s essentially a gokart with a giant fan-like turbine and parachute in the back that allows it to take off! We then went to the beach, where our car got stuck in the sand and we had to dig it up and push and pull only to come out with a punctured tyre! After changing that and going for a swim we headed home but was crazy busy. Yday I was up and out of the house at 5am and returned to bed at 11pm!

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Quotes of the Day!

I’m a worrier. And a warrior. Worry makes me sick and stress eats me away from the inside. This usually means I end up getting agitated and fighting (often for no reason) with people – hence the warrior! I’m trying to not be a stresser or a stressful person and also to learn to let go of things that worry me – after all if it’s not in my control why get my knickers in a twist about it?

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Quotes of the Day!

Hello world! I’m back. I had gone away for a bit, a little holiday to clear my head, get away from the mundane days that have become my life, recoup a little and just relax. So I went home to see my parents, and my dog, Dexter! It was great. The cold was a bit much, 3 degrees at times, especially when the heating kept conking off, but it was refreshing nonetheless. I really didn’t want to come back. Here I am now, back to the same old routine that wears me out, physically and emotionally. Not one day did I feel tired there, nor did I feel stressed or pressured, but here, I’d barely landed when my stomach began to churn just thinking of all the responsif’inbilities I have here – what with being married and things. It’s a hard life. For me. Coming from what I’m used to – I’m still adjusting. And having spent ten days being pampered and looked after, going back to my responsibilities really isn’t all that appealing. Especially when most of them are not even for me!

There are days and even longer phases in our lives, I’m sure, when all of us resent something or the other. When it’s hard for us to accept and move on. Whether it’s our parents, a decision we’ve made, an idiotic promise made without thinking or even our profession – resentment comes and goes at various points in life. Here are some quotes to help us through those difficult days…

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Do you hear me

I’m talking to YOU

across the water

across the deep blueeee


under the open sky,

oh my!

baby i’m tryinggg

This song has been playing in my head since the morning. And I dooo feel so lucky i’m in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where i have been…

they don’t know how long it takes

waiting for a love like this

every time we say goodbye

i wish we had

one more kiss

I’m so lucky we’re in love in every way, lucky to have stayed where we have stayed, lucky to have found him when i did <3

He & She

They never met, like parallel lines, running so close but never touching. He watched her from afar. He saw he as she flourished and he saw her grow. But there were days when he was watching her when he saw her cry as she sat beneath the tree, twirling on the tyre swing. Thoughts of running away caused chaos in her mind and he could tell that she was broken. Again. He watched from a distance, reading her from his window that seemed so close, yet so far away. All he wanted was to swoop in and fix her problems, fix her. But he couldn’t. They could never meet or see eye to eye. He could only watch her and hope and pray because he knew he probably couldn’t give her the things she wanted, but he thought he could keep her happy…

And when her situation was magically fixed and she smiled again, laughter re-entering her world and sparkles in her eyes, all he could do was be grateful, because in a way, it felt like he had touched her.