Quotes of the Day!

So as Christmas and New Year’s Eve creep up I’m reminded daily of the fact that many loved ones are descending upon us for the holiday season! Family and friends, both, will be making a trip, I’ve taken half days off work, and all in all it’s going to be a great way to close the chapter known as 2012. Looking back, a lot of things happened. Some brought tears, others smiles and laughter. Memories were etched into my mind forever. Bonds were tested, broken and strengthened and I’ve come out bigger, better, stronger and ready to take on 2013! God willing this year too shall be spectacular, and I know, in the bottom of my heart, and in that place where I feel like a thousand butterflies have been let loose, in the very pit of my stomach, that 2013 is going to be my year to shine :) I cannot wait. And I’ll be stepping into it with all my favourite people! <3 I’m so happy they’ll all be there. Sure some will be missing, and you guys, i’ll miss you! But the one’s who’ll be coming all the way to dance spastically into the new year with me while making fun of my moves, olives you!


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