Quotes of the Day!

Gah! Yesterday was so HARD. I just couldn’t seem to pull myself out of bed in the morning. I felt lethargic and weirdly meh. So I stayed home and had a bit of a duvet day being lazy with the cats. All four of us were sprawled across different areas of the bed moving in and out of peaceful slumber. That didn’t last too long though, for me anyway, it wasn’t long before the office was missing me and my phone started ringing. So what was meant to be a restful day, stayed a stressful day, albeit in bed. I finally pried myself out of bed at around 5pm, had a cuppa tea, brushed my teeth – I had already showered and changed around noon – and tried to face the day, only to end up on the couch! I thought if I go to bed early, I’d feel better today, but even though I tried, it was half past twelve, or thereabouts, before I finally drifted off, only to be awoken by the melodious singing of my phone’s alarm. My head still hurt and I felt dizzy and a little nauseous but I thought I’d better get to work. I’m a bit of a professional like that. You see, I’m meeting my friends for dinner tonight – hopefully I’ll be able to stomach it – and it would look really bad if I pulled a sickie and was then seen out dining in fancy clothes, looking perfectly well! So here I am… at work, feeling a little ill, picking at pomegranate and delicious oranges and sipping on green tea. Any way, that’s enough of my sob story for the day! Here are some quotes about life and change. 2015 is coming and we’ve only got a month left in 2014. Let’s make it count and think about what we can change in 2015 to make our lives healthier, happier, more productive and more impactful on others. Also, with all this hatred and intolerance in the world, what can we do that shows love, tolerance and acceptance? Aren’t we all human before we’re anything else? Isn’t all that matters in the kind of people we are and what’s in our hearts? Shouldn’t our caring, generous, loving, accepting natures be more important than what God (if any) we believe in, what nationality we were born into or how much money we make/have? I think so…

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Quotes of the Day!

So I haven’t exactly been too regular in my blogging these days – and this will probably carry on till the end of the year. Busy with a host of things going on with work (jeans), work (magazine), personal life, family, and household chores. Not to mention the alone time and down time I absolutely have to get in order to maintain my sanity. 

Today I think about change. As I count down to new beginnings, saying good bye to old ways and giving way to new ways and new things, new people, a new life, I’m both scared and excited. It’s daunting… change. So here I find some stuff that calms my nerves…


Quotes of the Day!

It’s weird isn’t it how nothing changes day to day… but then one day you look back and everything’s different, little is the same, and you feel you’ve covered quite a distance from who you were and where you used to be. Today’s quotes are on change… and how it doesn’t always have to be bad. Sometimes we need to recognise aspects of ourselves that may, eventually, be detrimental to ourselves, our relationships, our lives, and make a conscious effort to change, always for the better, never for the worse!


Good advice


This is just what I needed to see to be reminded that I don’t need to fit in or be like someone else, or be what someone else wants me to be, in order to be happy. I can be the below and feel good because I was me… the best and the worst bits, and I’m sure to stumble across people in life who will like me, just as I am, for me :)