Last Quotes of the Year!

So here’s the last for 2014. Another year gone and probably not too much achieved. It has been a rollercoaster of experiences and feelings; but I don’t think anything super great happened. Sure, my career went up a notch – I’m now heading a department, I visited a host of places I’d never been to before, and I got to know people a little better. Still, most of my time feels wasted. So much I could have accomplished in 365 days that I didn’t. I could have been half way through a much coveted MBA… Oh well. Hopefully I’ll live to see another year. I guess I also learnt a lot about myself. I learnt things that make me tick, what affects me, how living with another person really is so different from the fantasy, how love is not the answer to everything and definitely not enough to make a relationship work, how pets can change your life, how work is so important, and many more things I’m sure.

I jotted down some resolutions for myself a while ago, here they are. Let me know what you think!

  • Feed the happy wolf
  • Journal about my feelings daily
  • Call home twice a week minus weekends
  • save $100/month for travel fund
  • Keep a gratitude section in journal
  • Exercise 3 times per week min
  • Excel at work & get a raise
  • Be more aloof and unbothered about other people
  • Plan a vacation & save for it
  • Drink more water
  • Read one book per month
  • Start a side business
  • Be more positive: approach life’s unpleasantness in a more positive and productive manner. Think the best is going to happen rather than the worst.
  • Make more salads for lunch
  • Don’t let things out of my control overwhelm me. “Certain obstacles are there to challenge us – never defeat us.”
  • Spend money to create memories
  • Let go more often
  • Involve myself in somehow giving back to society and increasing education – if even with just sponsoring one child

Let’s try and look at the brighter side in 2015!

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and if you haven’t gotten enough, check this out: :) Have a great year ahead xx

My wish for all of you

My wish for all of you