Quotes of the Day!

Still a little dazed and missing the carefree days I’ve left behind, but trying to get back on track with the worldly routine that is my life! The pace doesn’t slow for a second and you just kind of have to hit the ground running… helps you adjust, I guess, but it’s exhausting! Have some random quotes…

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Random Thoughts of the Day!

I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t had time to blog. Just wrapping things up, fasting, not getting time to nap, visiting people to say goodbyes, last minute shopping, packing etc. And would you believe it, I’m leaving for the airport in less than eight hours, work in four, and I STILL have stuff to do in between! I guess I’m not as organised as I pride myself in being!

Still, I’m excited. So excited, in fact, that it’s hard for me to sit still! In some 30 hours I would have landed at Dulles International Airport and from there on it’s fun fun fun! I’m ecstatic to not only be holidaying with mine, but also for all that awaits us. So many adventures! Here’s one I’m really stoked for: http://www.poconowhitewater.com/specialty-trips-2/big-day-out/

Then of course there’s DISNEY WORLD! x) But it’s also super awesome that we get in on the 4th to see the fireworks. I’ve been reading lately that there’s quite a bit of anti-muslim feelings, which makes me a little sad. But what can I do, I guess the terrorists are giving us a bad name. All I can do, is go out there and represent the good ones so people can see we’re not all whack jobs. It would be nice if people weren’t so quick to judge, stereotype and generalise. Get to know people and respect them for who they are – personality wise, before labelling them based on their religious (or any other) beliefe, nationality etc.

Anyyyyyyywayyyyyy! What I’ll miss most while I’m gone is my catss! They’re being babysat by my grandmother for the next 4 weeks and I’m a tad bit nervous. I can’t imagine what a madhatter I’d be if I ever had to leave my kids (not that I have any at the moment!) Gaaah!

Everyone please pray that I have a safe flight, safe trip and safe return because I’m a very nervous flyer!!!

Here are some pics of my three little munchkins! I’m sure you can tell which one is my favourite :P








Quotes of the Day!

Back from a lovely little vacation of sorts. Kinda fell of the face of the earth – and I liked it. Though it was hard to stay away from the blackberry (aka work phone) and not having roaming made it quite peaceful! But the mind kept wandering to work, and I came back, straight from the airport on a bright and shiny monday morning (not feeling quite the same) only to be bombarded with things to do and fires to put out! Today I feel much better!

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Do you hear me

I’m talking to YOU

across the water

across the deep blueeee


under the open sky,

oh my!

baby i’m tryinggg

This song has been playing in my head since the morning. And I dooo feel so lucky i’m in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where i have been…

they don’t know how long it takes

waiting for a love like this

every time we say goodbye

i wish we had

one more kiss

I’m so lucky we’re in love in every way, lucky to have stayed where we have stayed, lucky to have found him when i did <3

He & She

They never met, like parallel lines, running so close but never touching. He watched her from afar. He saw he as she flourished and he saw her grow. But there were days when he was watching her when he saw her cry as she sat beneath the tree, twirling on the tyre swing. Thoughts of running away caused chaos in her mind and he could tell that she was broken. Again. He watched from a distance, reading her from his window that seemed so close, yet so far away. All he wanted was to swoop in and fix her problems, fix her. But he couldn’t. They could never meet or see eye to eye. He could only watch her and hope and pray because he knew he probably couldn’t give her the things she wanted, but he thought he could keep her happy…

And when her situation was magically fixed and she smiled again, laughter re-entering her world and sparkles in her eyes, all he could do was be grateful, because in a way, it felt like he had touched her.


Je suis tre fatigue…

I remember a time, and I swear it wasn’t that long ago, when I could stay up till 2 or 3am, watching series or movies, eating pizza, having random conversations with friends or even pulling an all-nighter to catch up on work. This wasn’t unusual. Nor was being up at 7 the next morning, maybe a little bleary-eyed, walking to bus stops or underground stations, commuting via one or the other, never getting a seat to sit down, being pushed in between weary travellers (clean in the morning but hot n sticky on the way home!) and then packing a whole productive day in. Nor was it unusual to put on dancing shoes and short skirts, go clubbing, take a night bus, walk bare foot across tower bridge cos there were no cabs, find 24hr shops to rehydrate and munch, and then go to bed after sunrise only to wake up at noon and not feel like I was dying.

Yes. This used to be me. Now though… I feel old. SUPER old. My limbs ache, my back is always sore and my head is perpetually pounding from something or the other. Lack of sleep and oversleeping have similar symptoms and it’s hard to find the right amount. Yesterday I crashed at 9.30pm and my SleepCycle app tells me I was fast asleep at 10.30. Mister was busy working and things (or so he says) on his side of the bed, but I just slept through. I woke up feeling wide awake (and mega hungry) at 2.30am. After some crackers, juice and water I went promptly back to bed – but the stupid spine kept me tossing and turning. When my alarm went off at 7.20am I felt awake – and happy. More so after my first cuppa tea. 

Now though, at 4.38pm I’m tired again. The day has been so long. I’ve worked, I’ve done home chores, I’ve spent time with mister over breakfast and lunch. But I’m not one to nap… which leaves me in a state of fatigue. Gotta prepare a roast chicken in an hour so it’s ready in time for dinner – protein n carbs will pack a punch in the knocking out department and out like a light i’ll be again. Can you imagine, I’m typing some of these sentences with my head down while resting my eyes. Yes, I’m that good. And yes, I’m that tired.

Anyone else feel that age is catching up with them? I’m not even that old!! I have my whole life ahead of me. Or so I think… I guess when one has an active lifestyle they’re blessed with more energy. Less blessed and more, um… I guess they need it so they have it? They take in more in terms of food cos they’re hungrier cos they use up the calories they have and yada yada.. the cycle continues. I know that’s not BS because when I exercise regularly, even if it’s just a walk in the park, I feel better overall. Multivitamins help too, but I haven’t quite made up my mind about them. Sigh. Back to Hilal Park with my sneakers and yoga pants!


Reckless Abandon

Sometimes I am hit by a sudden urge to live recklessly and let whatever may happen determine my future. Maybe if I lose my balance and fall off the edge, get hit by a bus or even just trip on the stairs i’ll be rescue from the clutches of the unknown that awaits me. it threatens to devour me and leave me torn and tattered. but if it is I that got myself into this mess do I deserve such an easy out? is it even a mess to begin with? my mind is plagued with worry. a thousand things unravel every second as my neurotransmitters threaten to overheat from the sheer madness I’m putting them through. is it unfair to remove myself from a situation by being stupid? I won’t. but my mind does wander there. nobody left hurt or disappointed. no explanations. just out. any which way. I guess I’m a runner. I used to be a fighter but in tired now. I have nothing left in me except rebellion. and I just want to jump.

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Quotes of the Day

What is a soulmate? Perhaps something different to each of us. When do we pick our soulmate to be our lifelong partner, our spouse, the other half that’s supposed to complete us? What traits or qualities should we look for? Should they give in to our wants and desires – I for instance am an animal lover, I’ve had cats, dogs, rabbits, chicks, terrapins and fish… a house without pets – real pets that interact, like cats and dogs – to me is missing something. Perhaps I should pick someone who wouldn’t be averse to me having somewhat of a personal zoo at home. I love big cats, tigers especially… or is that not a practical reason to ‘go’ for someone? Is it financial stability and a comfortable life that one is able to provide that makes them look appealing to a woman? Is it love and tenderness? After all – that can only do so much for you. Should one marry into a family where they are not loved or respected? Should one go for someone who is married to his career and has no time or attention for a relationship, let alone a marriage? Doctors are charming with their medical lingo but unless you’re getting it on in the on call room they’re often too busy for a wife and kids! Sometimes the same is true for ambitious investment banking types… their fast paced lives leave little room for a misses. Oh well – only time will tell what does and doesn’t make a soul-mate and/or spouse… till then…

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