Quotes of the Day!

I have the bug. I’ve been infected by wanderlust! After this trip I kinda wanna just take a year (or five) off and travel from here to there, exploring, seeing, smelling, drawing… not knowing what day or time it is…

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Quotes of the Day!

I kinda want to just escape for a year from life and travel the world. I think I’ve got wanderlust, but then it’s the reality of things and the fact that I need a job (to afford those vacations) that keeps me grounded! But oh if I could just pick up (and pack up) and travel the world, the things that I would see. I’d climb mountains, swim in seas, write my name at so many beaches, each expanse of sand feeling different against my toes, i’d make sand castles, i’d play in the snow, i’d celebrate a summery christmas and see icicles in june, i’d take pictures in rainforests and sample many cuisines. oh the things i’d see and the things i could be!

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