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Quotes of the Day!

Life is the most awesome yet most mind boggling this ever. In one moment I go through so many feelings – some good, some bad. There is immense pressure to deliver at work, and then in your social circle, and then at home – with family and loved ones. Everywhere you go there’s expectations and sometimes they’re overwhelming. Life is awesome, but life is also hard. Sometimes, I find, that getting lost in happy thoughts, and quotes like these, makes the hard days easier to get through!



About sher

fashionista, diva, textile designer, painter, sculptor, artist extraordinaire. i'm a fascinating whirlwind of rainbow colours and chaos and my life would be empty without words. i love to jabber be it meaningful or just a rant. i love quotes and poetry. here is my blog, which represents a little part of me where I can express myself in my almost truest form.

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